The Duchesne County Water Conservancy District was formed in 1998.

Mission and Objectives of the District

The mission of the District is to:

  • Acquire, develop, conserve and where necessary preserve water resources identified as necessary to accomplish the purposes of the District;
  • Construct, operate and maintain facilities associated with these water resources and such other facilities as are necessary to the functioning of the District;
  • Preserve, where necessary, stream and/or watershed ecosystems to maintain water quality standards and aquatic ecosystem balances; and
  • Maintain responsible management of the District’s physical facilities, financial, water and human resources.

District Policy

It is the District’s policy to develop and conserve water supplies for the benefit of its inhabitants through the most cost effective and environmentally prudent methods. The water supplies shall be developed for any and all beneficial uses consistent with the mission and statutory authority of the District.. In furtherance of this policy, water rights shall be acquired by any lawful means and used for any lawful beneficial use, including with limitation, irrigation, municipal, industrial, hydropower generation and instream flows. (U.C. 17A-2-1401)

Board Members

Chairman: Rodger Ames

Vice Chairman: Kevin Rowley

Members: Don Richards, Connie Sweat, Keith Hooper, Kelly Crozier, Dex Winterton